Tips for a Better AGA Virtual Training Experience

We're excited to bring to you the 2021 Professional Development Training Virtual! You will find this option as easy, enjoyable, and interactive. To maximize the technical quality of your virtual event, please review the following recommendations.

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Use the best internet connection you can

Wired connections (ethernet) are better than wireless (wifi or cellular) connections. Wifi connections are better than cellular (4G/5G/LTE) connections.

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Close other applications

Virtual meetings require significant memory and processing power. Closing unneeded applications will improve your connection (e.g., VPN, Excel, Word, Outlook, other browser tabs).

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Avoid high-bandwidth activities on your network

Prior to your virtual meeting, stop or pause activities that require significant amounts of bandwidth on all devices that connect to your network (i.e., cell phones, tablets, TVs, other computers). High-bandwidth activities include:

  • Large downloads/uploads
  • Streaming video (e.g., Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.)
  • Cloud backups/synchronizations (e.g., iCloud, Carbonite, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.)

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Test your connection

Run the system compatibility checker to determine whether your system is compatible with the virtual meeting platform. View the device/computer technical requirements.