07/22/21 - Thank you to those who took a selfie!  Below are the winners!  Check out the gallery here.

Snap a selfie and win! 

Take a photo of yourself with any of the themes below and the most creative photo will win Amazon gift cards!  Or, simply take a photo just for fun. 

  1. Best photo with your pet
  2. Best photo with the strangest thing in your office/home
  3. Best return-to-office selfie
  4. Proudest CGFM
  5. Proudest AGA member
  6. Best vacation Look
  7. Most glamourous
  8. Best “wanted poster”/mugshot look
  9. Best ‘Team’ photo
  10. Best Nerd Photo

custom imageBest “wanted poster”/mugshot lookcustom imageBest photo with the strangest thing in your office/homecustom imageProudest AGA member
custom imageBest Vacation Lookcustom imageBest return-to-office selfiecustom imageMost Glamourous
custom imageBest photo with your petcustom imageProudest CGFMcustom imageBest Nerd Photo
custom imageBest ‘Team’ photo