AGA 2018 Professional Development Training

M117 - M117: Government’s Blockchain Journey - Lessons Learned (FOS: IT)

Jul 23, 2018 2:05pm ‐ Jul 23, 2018 3:20pm

Expiration Date: Aug 15, 2019


Blockchain has potential to bring security, efficiency and speed to a range of services and processes. How should agencies look to incorporate Blockchain into the way they function today? Panelists will share successes, pain points and lessons learned from standing up solutions from Blockchain technology.

Session participants will obtain first-hand accounts of blockchain technology and how it was applied to solve common asset management and supply chain challenges that many agencies face today. Based on these first-hand accounts, participants will obtain a better understanding of: 

  • How to evaluate a blockchain use case 
  • How to move the use case from initial idea, to well-thought out use case, to prototype 
  • The technological considerations for implementing a solution  
  • How to navigate the system security and authorization to operate processes 
  • “Real World” lessons learned, based on actual use case development and implementation of the technology



  • Bo Shevchik, CGFM, PMP, Outreach and Marketing Strategy, Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis
  • Craig Fischer, PMP, Program Manager, Bureau of the Fiscal Service

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