Andy Rider

Director, Federal Budget Practice, Unison Software Inc

Mr. Rider leads the federal budget practice at Unison and is the visionary behind Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (PBF) software. As a federal civilian for 15 years, Mr. Rider pioneered and implemented the Labor Department’s first integrated budget management system responsible for planning, programming, formulating, and executing $100 billion annually. He established Labor’s performance and budgeting shared services, driving efficiencies through economies of scale for two more Departments, Health and Human Services and Veterans Affairs. As Chief of Budget Policy and Systems, Mr. Rider advanced budgeting capabilities across twenty-nine appropriations and helped shape the Office of Management and Budget’s Line of Business. He spearheaded the development of fiscal budget policies, implemented strategies to enhance federal reporting requirements, and facilitated improvements in budget processes across numerous departments. Prior to federal service, Mr. Rider supported the Army National Guard’s planning and programming requirements, including the POM, MDEP, and RMDs. As a consultant, he played a key role in redesigning Guard Knowledge Online (GKO), an intranet serving 350,000 citizen-soldiers across 54 states and territories. He efficiently optimizes organizations through the use and adoption of technology. Early in his career, Mr. Rider improved consumer fireworks safety through a joint venture aimed at implementing quality improvement programs in Hong Kong and China, collaborating with stakeholders and authorities, including shippers, importers, and the U.S. federal government. An alum of the Federal Executive Institute, Mr. Rider possesses three decades of experience in translating policy into actionable strategies to streamline government operations. He holds industry-standard certifications including the Project Management Professional, FAC/P-PM Level III, and a master’s in project management. He resides in Virginia with his family and ten chickens.