Arieta Kirk

Acclaimed International Yoga Teacher and Holistic Wellness Advocate

Arieta Kirk is an International Yoga Teacher with 500RYT/Yoga Alliance certification, boasting over 3500 teaching hours internationally. Arieta is a dedicated Mental Health Advocate and a passionate blogger, constantly using her platform to raise awareness and provide valuable insights on holistic well-being. She has honed her expertise in Clinical Psychology through her studies at UCF, furthering her understanding of the human mind and strengthening her capacity to guide individuals on their mental health journey. Her transformative teachings seamlessly merge ancient wisdom with modern insights, empowering individuals on their well-being journey. With an international reach, she guides students through transformative classes, workshops, and retreats, facilitating self-discovery and personal growth. Arieta's profound knowledge of yoga philosophy goes beyond instruction; she embodies the transformative principles of the practice in her own life. Through her unique blend of yoga instruction and mental health advocacy, she offers a holistic approach to well-being, supporting individuals in their physical, emotional, and psychological growth. Arieta's blog features thought-provoking articles and personal reflections on yoga, wellness, self-care, and mental health, inspiring and guiding her readers toward a more fulfilling life.


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