Mr. Bakari P. Dale

Senior Leader, Office of Business Transformation, Office of the Secretary of the Army

Mr. Dale is a Veteran Naval Aviator that began his civil service career with the Army’s Secretariat staff in 2012 with ASA(FM&C). On November 22nd 2020, Bakari was the Army’s first African American Data Scientist appointed to Senior Level Tier-1 (BGEN equivalent). Prior to his appointment he served as a GS-15 Principal Data Scientist in the Army’s Office of Business Transformation (OBT), Undersecretary of the Army from February 2020 to November 2020. On August 1st, 2020 he was selected to stand up the Office of Enterprise Data Analytics (EDA). He leads and operationalized the Army’s Deep Green (DG) Data Science (DS) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Competition, the Army’s Community of Interest (COI) for DS & AI, the Army’s Headquarters Analytics Lab (HAL) and Business Health Metrics (BHM) for the Army Enterprise. He is responsible for planning and coordinating capability requirements for business enterprise data analytics including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Science (DS). He also serves as the Senior Advisor with responsibility for advising the Chief Management Officer; OBT Director; and other staff elements relative to portfolio management and planning for AI/ML/DS capabilities.


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