Beth Angerman PMP

Executive Director, USSM, GSA, OGP, General Services Administration

Beth Angerman has worked for the Department of Treasury, Financial Management Service
for almost ten years. She started with FMS as a contractor, responsible for building the
Governmentwide Financial Report System, which has successfully prepared the Consolidated
Financial Report of the U.S. Government for five consecutive years. For the past four years, Beth has been working as the program manager for GTAS, the Governmentwide TAS ATB System, which will reduce redundant trial balance reporting, improve agency accounting data, and enforce the USSGL as the accounting standard for the Federal community. Prior to her work with the Federal government, Beth worked as a financial consultant in the private sector, overseeing international inter-company settlements between AT&T and British Telecom. She began her career as a portfolio accountant for T. Rowe Price in Baltimore, MD. She serves GWA as an expert in program management, system development, and trial balance reporting, and is pleased to share more information about GTAS with today’s audience.