Brent Stevenson CPA

Deputy Associate Director, FM Directorate, Interior Business Center

Brent Stevenson is the Deputy Associate Director of the Interior Business Center’s (IBC) Financial Management Directorate which provides financial management solutions and services to over 45 federal government agencies both within the Department of the Interior and external to the Department of the Interior. As a shared services provider in the federal government, the IBC’s Financial Management Directorate supports customer agencies with accounting operations services, Oracle financial system functional/technical system support, indirect cost services, acquisition audit services, e-travel support, quarters system support, process automation services, as well as project management support. Brent has supported the Interior Business Center in various leadership positions over the past ten years within the Accounting Operations Services Division as well as the Financial Management Directorate’s Program Support Office. Prior to working for the IBC, Brent worked in various finance and accounting positions within the Department of Defense and as an auditor in a public accounting firm. More recently, Brent helped to stand up IBC’s Process Automation Branch in 2019 which initially focused on initiating a Robotics Process Automation (RPA) program to automate both internal IBC processes and assist customer agencies in developing, implementing, and maintaining RPA solutions. The IBC currently has RPA solutions in production for both internal IBC business processes and external client agency business processes. IBC’s Process Automation Branch has begun working with other emerging technologies such as Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (IOCR) software and continues to explore other opportunities for emergent technologies to assist in automating federal government business processes.