Brooke Holmes


Brooke Holmes was appointed Deputy Inspector General on February 27, 2022. In the previous 18 months, Brooke served as the Associate Director for Oversight and Accountability at the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC), where she worked with 22 Inspectors General to coordinate the oversight of more than $5 trillion in pandemic relief programs and spending. Prior to the PRAC, Brooke worked for approximately five years at PBGC OIG; first as an Audit Manager, then as the Assistant Inspector General for Audit. Before joining PBGC OIG, Brooke worked at the Small Business Administration OIG, with the Marine Corps, and at the Naval Audit Service. Brooke served as an auditor and an audit liaison, where she learned the audit craft and saw how auditees experience the process. She has a wealth of experience leading, performing and overseeing audit engagements across a wide range of government programs