Chet Sisk


Futurist Chet W. Sisk says a bigger, more profound message about artificial intelligence and this moment of change we’re in is getting buried under the hype and histrionics of popular media. “We’ve lost the plot about why we are the home of creativity and innovation in the world. My job is to get us back on point”. Sisk, the founder of Universal Basic Resources, a change management company and Co-Lead International, a non-profit think tank on change leadership, says the fear-based push of pop culture and algorithms has distorted the immediate future and made us give up our agency. “Funny how some of us thought the Jetsons cartoon series was a cool representation of life in the future. Now that we’re here, we’re frightened by it.” Sisk believes the power to solve some of our most stubborn human challenges has never been more actionable than now. “Everything around us is screaming for us to grow up and learn how to drive this new car. But we’re going to have to take and pass this Driver’s Ed class in a hurry.” A world traveler, former CEO of a local advertising agency and author of 6 books, Chet has presented at The United Nations, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Alpha Graphics, The University of Kwazulu-Natal in Durban South Africa, The National Council of State Legislators and hundreds of other organizations on change and transformation. Chet currently serves The Colorado State Legislature as one of the top advisors and writers of a new State bill to determine how Colorado will manage the artificial intelligence wave. He is also in a formal working partnership with tech giants NVIDIA and Arrow Intelligent Solutions who provide him with artificial intelligence insights and ideas. Chet believes there are eight steps every organization and their people must take in 2024 in order to meet this moment of an emerging new world. He’ll share those steps at your next presentation.