Dan White


Dan White is a senior director of economic research at Moody’s Analytics. Dan works closely with a number of governments and individual policymakers in an advisory role and teaches classes on economics and public finance at Villanova University. He regularly presents to clients and conferences and has been featured in a variety of media outlets ranging from CNN to the Wall Street Journal. Dan’s most recent research has focused on public policy responses to COVID-19, particularly how the pandemic has impacted public revenues and spending. He and his team have performed pioneering research into ways that policymakers can use stress-testing to estimate potential budget short-falls and ensure that public budgets are adequately protected from changes in the business cycle. Before joining Moody’s Analytics, Dan worked as a financial economist for the New Mexico Legislature where he forecast revenues and analyzed a wide range of policy issues concentrated around economic development, public investment, and debt management. Dan holds an MA in economics as well as undergraduate degrees in finance and international business from New Mexico State University.