Dominique McCreary

Manager, Bureau of the Fiscal Service, Office of Payment Integrity

Mr. Dominique McCreary is the Branch Manager of the Office of Payment Integrity (OPI) Solution, Analytics and Technology/ Privacy and Technology staff within the Department of the Treasury’s, Bureau of the Fiscal Service, Office of Payment Integrity. He provides leadership and oversight for OPI operations to deliver a robust portal and privacy program to serve Federal Agencies and Federally Funded State Administered programs. The portal gives customers a central access point to various data sources for the prevention, reduction, and elimination of improper payments. Dominique has a passion and versatility to engage audiences of different levels regarding the benefits of partnering with the OPI Program to combat improper payments. He has become accustomed to presenting the mission, vision, and goals of OPI at various platforms as the program continues to grow and mature within the Federal and State community. Dominique has 15 years of Federal Government experience with a focus on agency outreach, customer relationships, system development, and project management. Dominique holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management from Gettysburg College; he is a graduate of the Federal Career Internship Program (FCIP) in Government Wide Accounting (GWA) and holds a certification in Business Process Management.