Erika Mesen

Division Chief, Systems, USAF

Ms. Mesen is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in financial management and budget oversight within the Department of the Air Force. Her roles have been critical to the organization’s success: As the Director, Ms. Mesen oversees the President’s Budget and Execution System (PBES) accounting for $217B annually. She manages budget systems, information technology portfolios, and cybersecurity needs. Her expertise extends to program management, system development, and enhancements. In her previous role as Division Chief Systems Operations, she spearheaded the SAF/FM Data Strategy. Collaborating with SAF/FM and DoD leaders, she drove digital transformation and performance improvements across the SAF/FM enterprise. Notably, she championed the evolution of data needs, leading to the first use case within the FASTR Community Space. As the Integration and Funds Control for SAF/AAR, Ms. Mesen was responsible for budget formulation, distribution, and monitoring. Her portfolio covered the Headquarters Air Force HAF and SAF 2-Ltrs at the Pentagon, totaling an impressive $5B. Ms. Mesen played a pivotal role in deploying DEAMS (Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System) across multiple geographically separated tenants within the National Capital Region. She coordinated training and support for over 550 financial management personnel, managing a combined $10B portfolio.