Erin Kaauwai

Supervisory Special Agent, Program Manager, Cyber Crimes, IRS

Erin Kaauwai is a supervisory special agent/program manager with IRS Criminal Investigation’s (CI) Cyber Section. She oversees work on cyber/cryptocurrency issues and emerging threats in support of CI’s mission to combat tax and financial crimes. Prior to her current role, Kaauwai supervised the Miami Field Office’s Money Laundering Strike Force, which covered South Florida and Latin America. From 2016 to 2018, Kaauwai led the Financial Crimes Task Force for the Washington D.C. Field Office. Kaauwai began her career as a CI special agent in 2007 and has led investigations throughout the country including in Hawaii, Washington D.C., Florida, and Indiana. During her career, she has conducted investigations tied to the Bank Secrecy Act, organized crime, cyber and third-party money laundering.