Guljed Birce

Enterprise Risk Management Lead , Federal Transit Authority

Ed is a public service professional with 10 years of experience at USDOT’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and six years at the US Senate. He has a diverse background at FTA spanning across enterprise risk management, strategic planning, oversight of disadvantaged business enterprises, contracting officer representative, and as a consultant in the office of Administration and the office of Transit Safety and Oversight. In his current role, as the Enterprise Risk Management Lead at FTA, Ed is at the forefront of shaping and implementing the organization's enterprise risk management strategies. Ed leads initiatives aimed at identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks that could impact financial stability, operational efficiency, and overall mission success at FTA. Ed has also served as an Administrator for two United States Senators, ensuring the seamless operation of the Senators’ offices and supporting legislative, constituent service, military and foreign affairs, and administrative functions. Ed’s commitment to public service and expertise in governmental affairs have consistently contributed to impactful representation and policy advocacy. In addition, Ed has served as the Chairman of the Board of the Albanian Human Rights Project and, over the past 11 years, he served as a mentor for the Janey Scholars Program, which provides mentorship and coaching to first generation college students from the inner-city as they navigate their academic life and professional careers upon graduation.