Gus Hunt

Former CTO, CIA

Gus Hunt is currently managing director and cyber lead for Accenture Federal Services. He is responsible for developing differentiated approaches to dealing with the cyber threat environment and growing AFS’s cyber practice. Previously, Hunt was chief architect and the head of Strategic External Partnerships for Bridgewater Associates, a hedge fund located in Westport, Connecticut. After retiring from federal service, Hunt founded Hunt Technology, LLC, a private consulting practice focused on strategic IT planning, cyber and data-centric security, big data analytics and cloud computing. Hunt serves an advisor for several startups in the cyber-security and big data spaces and serves on the Board of Directors for ePlus, a leading integrator of technology solutions.

Previously, Hunt served as the chief technology officer for the Central Intelligence Agency, where he was responsible for the information technology strategic direction and future technology investment plan. He was the conceptual and motivating force behind CIA’s decision to acquire a copy of both the Amazon cloud and IBM’s Watson.
Hunt began his career in 1979 working as an aerospace engineer for Rockwell International and General Research Corporation, designing advanced manned space flight systems and satellite orbital transfer vehicles. He holds a BE and ME in Civil/Structural Engineering from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.


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