Ms. Heather Harris

Supervisory Accountant, U.S. Department of Energy

Heather Harris is the Supervisory Accountant for the Payment Services Team (PST) for the US Department of Energy. The PST is the centralized accounts payable team for the Department and is responsible for all contract, grant, and purchase order payments as well as the annual 1099 reporting. Heather is the business owner of DOE’s custom invoice approval workflow and electronic invoicing system. DOE is recognized as a top in government leader in Prompt Payment; averaging 99.8% in annual Prompt Pay rates and paying an average of .0000% in interest annually. DOE has been involved in e-invoicing initiatives since 2008 with the inception of their custom Vendor Invoicing Payments and Electronic Reporting System (VIPERS) and receives 95% of all invoices electronically. Prior to joining DOE, Heather worked for a 500( c) 3 organization, Covenant Health, in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the Accounts Payable and tax reporting departments. Heather served as the Federal Women’s Program Manager for the Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Office, for 5 years and hosted the annual Oak Ridge Women’s Workshop for business professionals. Heather’s FWP team also hosted the Federally Employed Women Regional Conference in 2015.