Heidi Steinecker

Former Deputy Dir. of the California Department of Public Health, EY

Heidi W. Steinecker has over twenty years of experience leading healthcare delivery systems and public health. She excels in leading strategic, organizational change processes in public health and healthcare services to implement proactive approaches that result in fewer fatalities, greater workforce retention, improved quality and safety of patient care, and increased access to care. Heidi uses her diverse experiences in public health policy and healthcare operations to provide a holistic approach to solving complex issues where government regulations and healthcare intersect. Prior to being a global Public Health consultant, Heidi was the Deputy Director of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and led the COVID-19 pandemic response for the largest state and healthcare delivery system in the US. She overhauled state-wide quality and safety oversight healthcare facility inspection systems from being reactionary and on paper/manual systems, to being proactive with predictive analytics and mobile/cloud-based technology to prioritize limited resources. Heidi also has over fifteen years of experience in healthcare system operations and healthcare government affairs. She successfully connected public health, healthcare, and government systems through integrated technology and purpose-driven culture campaigns at the University of California (UC) Medical Centers.