Mr. Jason Estrada

Specialist Leader, Deloitte

Over the past two decades Jason Santos Estrada has become a sought-after leader of departments, Solutions, Teams, and Industry. From leading policy change at the Department of Defense, to implementing financial technology solutions across private industry and Government Agencies. Mr. Estrada has influenced standards and practices in accounting and finance at GEICO and SAIC before joining Deloitte, where he has delivered costing assessments, TBM, policy, and managerial costing solutions to private industry nationally and internationally as well as Defense and Federal agencies. He is the current Chair of the GPS TBM Community of Practice and lead for the Cost Transparency & Analytics solutions, both of which focus on delivering new views on existing financial data to drive action and show financial health and investment performance to Agency leaders. Fun Fact: Jason moved from San Diego to DC 10 years ago to have snow in the winter