Jason Kotecki

Artist, Author, Founder of Escape Adulthood

He has a practical and fun topic, he talks about people having “adultitis” an epidemic of stress, anxiousness and depression which plundered laughter on people. His mission is to treat “adultitis” by providing ideas be more innovative, engaging and exceptional in doing more with less. 

He said, things like red tape, new legislation, slashed budgets, and piles of paperwork can lead to burnout and distract you from the work that matters. Meanwhile, your industry is driven by many regulations that are unchangeable or inflexible. But there are a plethora of unseen rules that DON’T actually exist, which can steer your organization into ruts, cripple innovation, and restrict your progress. A master at exposing the rules that don’t exist that limit our success, Jason uses his extraordinary artistic gifts, combined with humor and memorable storytelling, to spark intentional thinking that leads people to become more passionate, productive, and profitable.


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