Jeffrey Schramek

Executive Director of ARC, Department of the Treasury – Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Jeffrey (Jeff) Schramek was appointed the Executive Director of the Administrative Resource Center (ARC) at the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) on November 7, 2021. Mr. Schramek directs a staff of nearly 1,200 people and provides leadership, direction, and guidance on shared services, accounting functions, data transparency, and innovative solutions to ensure Federal financial management is more efficient, transparent and customer oriented. Additionally, Jeff provides leadership to ARC’s financial management, procurement, travel, and human resource shared service lines. Prior to his current position, Mr. Jeffrey Schramek served as the Deputy Commissioner for Financial Services and Operations (FS&O), Fiscal Service. In that role, Mr. Schramek directed a staff of nearly 1,700 people in seven locations and was responsible for the oversight of a number of support organizations including six Federal Reserve Banks (fiscal agents) and 80 financial institutions (financial agents). Mr. Schramek was responsible for providing oversight to the federal government’s collection and disbursement of funds, delinquent debt collection, and the financing of the Federal government through both wholesale and retail services. Mr. Schramek joined the federal government in 1991 when he joined DMS just after its inception and continued to advance through the ranks of that organization. He started his career in the Debt Services Division in Washington, D.C. and soon became the Director. He was promoted to the Senior Executive Service in 2006 as the Director of DMS’s Operations Center in Alabama. In July 2009, he was promoted to Deputy Assistant Commissioner (2009-2011) and stayed in that position until receiving his appointment as Assistant Commissioner in July 2011. In February 2018, Mr. Schramek returned to Washington, D.C. as the Deputy Commissioner of FS&O.