Jennifer Lassiter

Executive Director, The Digital Dollar Project

Jennifer is an entrepreneur, business leader, and advisor to policymakers, leaders, and financial organizations across the world. She is recognized for her unique ability to bring together diverse stakeholders to identify and achieve shared outcomes addressing complex regulatory and technology challenges. In addition to her current role as Executive Director of The Digital Dollar Project (DDP), Jennifer serves on the World Economic Forum’s Digital Currency Governance Consortium, the Progressive Policy Institute’s Mosaic Economic Project and as a Salzburg Global Financial Forum Fellow. As Executive Director of DDP, Jennifer convenes private sector thought leaders to explore the future of money and advance the exploration of a U.S. central bank digital currency through a deliberative process including pilots, stakeholder meetings, roundtables, and discussion forums. Prior to joining DDP, Jennifer served as a founding member of the Innovation Lab at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and was a senior leader in the Innovation and Technology Offices at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.