Ms. Jolene Lauria

Deputy Assistant Attorney General/Controller, Dept of Justice

Jolene Lauria is the principal financial management and budget expert for the Department of Justice (DOJ). She is responsible for the development and execution of a budget of over $35 billion, DOJ’s Performance and Accountability Reports, and the operational responsibilities that are at the core of executing one of the nation’s largest public sector budgets. Jolene serves as the Department’s Performance Improvement Officer and Evaluation Officer. She makes critical strategic planning and resource recommendations to the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, DOJ’s senior policy staff, the White House and Congress. Ms. Lauria is the lead executive responsible for the implementation DOJ’s Unified Financial Management System, that consolidated the Department’s seven separate financial systems into a single modern financial management system. Jolene was awarded two Presidential Rank Awards and she was twice a Federal 100 winner. These prestigious awards recognize her risk-taking, vision and pioneering spirit in the federal IT community.