Mr. Jon Desenberg

Principal, MITRE

As a strategic foresight, planning and performance management subject matter expert Jon works as a trusted advisor with a variety of public sector and government organizations. He regularly delivers consulting, trainings, and webinars to Federal, state, local and international governments. He serves as the 2020 Chairman of the ASPA Government Performance Coalition; whose members include the Office of Management and Budget the Congressional Research Service and the Government Accountability Office. Formerly the United States General Services Administration’s (GSA) Director of Performance Management, he successfully led the agency’s strategy and analytics program, which ultimately resulted in aligned goals and measures cascading to all 13,000 employees. He has also provided advisory services on improved measurement for the House Committee on Intelligence, the Senate Budget Committee and the Office of Management and Budget. He later served as the Policy Director at The Performance Institute, where he led the Certification Program in Government Performance Management and trained more than 7000 public sector employees over ten years. As a Principal with the MITRE corporation Jon focuses on improving evidence-Based decision making with The Department of Commerce, Department of Defense, US Food and Drug Administration and a coalition of state and local governments who make up the Mid-Atlantic Statistical Network.