Joshua Rowe

Budget Planning & Execution Reporting System, FDA

Josh joined the FDA in 2010 from the private sector and has spent the last decade with CBER. In the Office of Blood Research and Review, he was instrumental in the daily budget tracking and execution of allocated funds. The last seven years have been with the Office of Management, where in 2018, he joined a Center-wide initiative to transfer historical budget/execution data from multiple unsupported legacy systems to a unified system. This integrated all budget and execution data within an IBAPS Child application customized for CBER. The Biologics Planning, Execution and Reporting System (BPERS) allows for 100% real time tracking and reporting for every transaction impacting the Financial Operating Plan, allotment, budget and execution across CBER, while automating business processes as well. He has a degree in Technical Management, specializing in Finance.


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