Judy Leonhardt

OIG - Assistant Inspector General for Audit, Peace Corps

Judy Leonhardt joined Peace Corps Office of Inspector General (OIG) as the Assistant Inspector General for Audit in June 2014. The Peace Corps Office of Inspector General audit program works to find and prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement in Peace Corps programs operating in 65 countries around the globe. The scope of our work overseas encompasses a wide assortment of topics, including reviewing all financial transactions, monitoring official vehicle usage, ensuring all Volunteers are paid appropriately, and safeguarding the accountability of medical supplies. 

Ms. Leonhardt began her auditing career at the Office of Government Accountability. She also served at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission OIG and as the Audit Director for both Federal Emergency Management Agency OIG and Department of Homeland Security OIG. Prior to joining Peace Corps, Ms. Leonhardt served as the director of audit operations at the U.S. Postal Service OIG, where she managed audit policy, reporting, systems, and performance management for an audit staff of 350. 

Ms. Leonhardt’s experience in disaster response auditing at FEMA and at DHS and her experience in managing a large, widespread audit operation at the Postal Service helped prepare her for the unique audit operating environment at Peace Corps and the challenges of auditing effectively and efficiently in the international arena. 

Ms. Leonhardt has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Honors College at Kent State University.


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