Mr. Justin Marsico

Chief Data Officer, Office of Data Transparency, Bureau of the Fiscal Service, Office of Data Transparency

Justin Marsico is the chief data officer for the Fiscal Service where he is working to modernize the bureau’s management of data, including data governance and analytics. Justin also oversees the Fiscal Service’s delivery of data to the public, which includes USAspending.gov. In a previous role at the Fiscal Service, Justin created the federal spending website called the Data Lab, as well as a new team dedicated to conducting enterprise-wide analytics. Before Justin joined the Fiscal Service, he served as a senior advisor in the Inspector General's office at the Department of Commerce. There he investigated ethics matters and employee misconduct. Justin also worked as an analyst at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and previously at Treasury as an international economist. Justin holds master’s degrees from the University of Michigan in applied economics and public policy. He now lives in Washington, D.C.