Kathleen Klausing

Budget Officer, Department of Energy, Office of Science

Kathleen Klausing is the Budget Director for the Office of Science, DOE. She has over 25 years of experience working on Federal government budget formulation and execution process. Kathleen has worked at the Department of Energy, Office of Science for the past 14 years as the Budget Director. Kathleen works closely with the Department’s Chief Financial Officer to promote Office of Science priorities and funding requirements. Kathleen collaborates with the Budget Examiners at the Office of Management and Budget and the Congressional Staffers to promote Office of Science budgetary and programmatic requirements. She is instrumental in streamlining and improving budget processes in the Office of Science to allow for more efficient spending and reporting of appropriated funding. Kathleen is considered a leader in financial management among her DOE colleagues and is often looked to for guidance on critical financial matters.