Keith Johnston

Brand Hub Expert, DAHLIA+Agency

Keith excels in understanding the profound impact of technology on the modern professional. With over two decades of experience, he stands as a pivotal figure, renowned and widely sought after for his deep insights into technology advice and social media expertise for business professionals across the globe. Beyond his technological savvy, Keith is a mastermind in fostering creative ideation within the workplace. He coaches his clients to unleash their creative potential, encouraging innovative thinking and novel approaches to problem-solving that drive organizational success. His unique methodology empowers individuals and teams to break through conventional boundaries, fostering an environment where creativity and technology intersect to create unprecedented value. Keith's goal transcends mere success; it's about helping organizations of all sizes thrive without straining their budgets or the spirit of their stakeholders. Through his guidance, companies discover how to enrich their organizational culture, ensuring it is conducive to innovation and growth. Keith's thought leadership and innovative coaching techniques have not only garnered him a place in the hearts of those he has helped but have also led to features in prominent publications such as Associations Now, Convene, Event Solutions, and an appearance on the cover of Midwest Meetings Magazine. Whether you're looking to revolutionize your approach to technology or ignite a culture of creativity within your organization, Keith is the go-to expert dedicated to enriching your journey towards success.


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