Kevin Autrey

Vice President of Capital Markets Operations & MHA, Fannie Mae

Kevin Autrey is Fannie Mae’s Vice President – Capital Markets Operations reporting to the Senior Vice President & Head of Business Operations. Kevin is responsible for the company’s Treasury Management and Collateral Management functions, including activities to clear securities, process cash wires, perform cash management, and counterparty setup and management. He also oversees commercial bank relationships, manages some of the enterprises critical vendors supporting trading & settlement, ensures effective execution of business activities, and assists in aligning operations with key strategic initiatives. Prior to assuming his current position in November 2014, Kevin was Director – Capital Markets Operations, where he led back-office functions, treasury administration, and cash management. Under his leadership, Fannie Mae successfully established a separate cash management team in support of the Department of Treasury’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), improved operations by leading and supporting key corporate initiatives such as FUSE, the Federals Reserve Banks PSR policy initiative, the enterprise settlement service, and the implementation of a new treasury management system. Kevin has also successfully implemented and adopted lean management (WoW) across his organization. Prior to coming to Fannie Mae, Kevin previously held leadership positions in accounting, servicing, treasury, and mortgage lending.