Latesha Love CFE

Director, International Affairs and Trade, GAO

Mrs. Love is a Director in GAO’s International Affairs and Trade (IAT) team. She has over nineteen years of experience leading performance and forensic audits in a wide range of federal program and policy areas. In IAT, she leads a cross-cutting portfolio of evaluations examining international policy issues such as efforts to combat international trafficking in persons and arms, international cybersecurity issues, terrorism and corruption in security assistance, development and humanitarian assistance to reconstruction and peace-keeping efforts, and trade barriers, among others. Prior to IAT, Ms. Love spent several years in GAO’s Strategic Issues and Forensic Audits and Investigative Services teams leading performance and forensic audits in areas such as consumer financial protection, Medicare, contracting, immigration, taxes and the economy, regulatory policies, human capital management, intergovernmental response and recovery from catastrophic events, and governmentwide efforts to improve the efficiency and fraud risk management of agencies. She has served as a speaker at various national and international conferences on using data analytics and other leading practices to evaluate programs and manage federal fraud risks. Ms. Love’s work has led to identifying millions of dollars in savings to federal programs as well as a range of changes to federal programs, policies, and legislation that have improved their performance, operations, and risk management. Her commitment to GAO has also included leading or contributing to internal initiatives to enhance the performance, accountability, culture, processes, and staff development within GAO. Prior to joining GAO, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Virginia State University and a master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Michigan’s Ford School of Public Policy, where she was also a Public Policy and International Affairs Fellow.