Lori Pilcher MBA, CPA, CIA

Regional Inspector General, DHHS-OIG-OAS

Lori has been with the HHS-OIG since September 1987. As Regional Inspector General for the southeast region, she is responsible for providing direction and guidance for: protecting the integrity of Medicare and Medicaid and the well-being of beneficiaries; identifying and reducing the incidents of improper payments; and safeguarding the integrity of HHS’s grants and contracts. HHS is the largest grant awarding agency and awarded $494 billion during fiscal year 2017. 

Lori was the Assistant Inspector General for the grants and IT division in Washington, DC. As part of developing a strategy, she used ERM to conduct risk assessments of nine HHS discretionary programs. She used the knowledge she gained to provide effective audit oversight for the $55 billion HHS received in Recovery Act funds. Since then, she: (1) used ERM to develop tools to identify high-risk audit areas and manage unimplemented recommendations; (2) is training auditors across the nation on ERM and how to use the tools; (3) is conducting a risk assessment of the HHS programs that received most of the $1.1 billion for hurricane preparedness, much of it grant dollars; and (4) is contributing to the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency working group charged with providing guidance on implementing ERM across the OIG community.


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