Mr. Matt Miller

Dputy Commissioner, Fiscal Accounting & Shared Services, Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Matthew (Matt) J. Miller was appointed the Deputy Commissioner of Fiscal Accounting and Shared Services at the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) on May 27, 2018. Matt provides leadership, direction and guidance on shared services, accounting functions, DATA Act, and innovative solutions to ensure Federal financial management is more efficient, transparent and customer-oriented.

Prior to his current position, Matt served as the Assistant Commissioner for Fiscal Accounting where he provided leadership, oversight, direction, and guidance for all three accounting business lines within Fiscal Service – agency accounting, debt accounting, and government-wide accounting. He was responsible for: the financial management shared services that Fiscal Service’s Administrative Resource Center (ARC) provided to its customer agencies; ensured the statutory debt limit set by Congress was not exceeded; managed several trust funds, including Social Security and Unemployment, for which the Secretary of the Treasury was designated by statute as the managing trustee; accurate and timely publication of several reports to include the Daily Treasury Statement, Monthly Treasury Statement, and Consolidated Financial Report of the United States Government.

Previously, Matt served as Deputy Chief Information Officer of the Bureau of the Public Debt where he played a key role in many efforts, including the consolidation of data centers within Fiscal Service.

Matt joined Fiscal Service in 1995, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, and is a certified public accountant.


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