MelaJo Kubacki

ACFO for Financial Management, HUD/OCFO

MelaJo‘s passion is forging a better path to results. During her three-decade, five-agency career with the federal government, MelaJo has enhanced mission delivery, improved financial results, enrichened skills, driven risk and control engagement, and cultivated technology empowerment. During her days at NASA, MelaJo envisioned and delivered financial statements from the system of record (SAP) – a government first. While the Deputy CFO for U.S. Agency for Global Media, MelaJo moved the agency from a failing government service provider to a commercial service provider, and successfully implemented a major financial management system upgrade (Momentum) in 6 months. Her efforts earned the agency an unmodified audit opinion. At HUD, as Assistant Chief Financial Officer for Financial Management, MelaJo advanced the Departments capabilities across several fronts. She spearheaded Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) - successfully delivering over a dozen automations; she reimaged training and delivery – increasing reach by 1,000%; she reshaped HUD’s internal control and risk program to be forward-looking harnessing the power of data analytics to reduce mission burden and drive unbiased evidence-based decision-making. In addition, MelaJo has experience in payment integrity, budget formulation and execution, travel, payroll, contracts, and passport management, financial reporting, and system development and implementations. MelaJo has managed 8 contracts at 4 federal agencies. Prior to joining the federal sector MelaJo was an auditor with big 8 CPA firm and worked in banking. MelaJo has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in tax law.