Meredith Madwatkins

Branch Head of Accounting, U.S. Marine Corps

Meredith S. Madwatkins is currently serving as HQMC P&R-RFA Branch Head. She joined the United States Marine Corps in November 2021 as Branch Head of RFA. Ms. Madwatkins began her career in 2006 as Financial Statement Auditor for Kearney & Company; her audit clients included the Unites States Federal Courts, United State Federal Energy Commission, and Fairfax County Schools. She also implemented the OMB A-123 Managers Internal Controls Program at the United States Agency for International Development. In 2009, Ms. Madwatkins joined Morgan Franklin as a consultant for the Treasury Trouble Relief Asset Program (TARP). From 2010 to 2013, she performed consulting work for the USMC RFA where she worked on financial reporting and audit support, including creating the first Schedule of Budget Activity (SBA). In 2013 she began her government career as an Accountant at NGA on the Financial Reporting team. There she spent six years creating monthly reports to include the SF-133, 1002, and quarterly financial statements and footnotes. She perform treasury GTAS edit checks and resolved all general ledger posting logic issues. In 2018, Ms. Madwatkins joined the accounting system branch where she worked on creating direct interfaces between the new PCS software and the accounting system. She also managed the USSGL posting logic working group to ensure NGA accounting was SFIS compliant. She further served as the team leader for the agencies managing system accounting reports. Ms. Madwatkins is Certified Public Accountant since 2008. She is engaged to Scott Hollander and has eleven year old daughter named Talya.


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