Mr. Michael Tilden

Acting State Auditor, California State Auditor

For over 28 years, Michael Tilden has led teams and contributed to over 100 reports produced by the State Auditor’s Office that provided Californians and the Legislature accurate and timely analyses. Michael has spent his career untangling problems and finding innovative solutions to public policy issues that are important to all Californians. The teams Michael led have proposed solutions relating to public health, housing and homelessness, school funding, unemployment, health care, and availability of water resources to name a few. Recommendations from these reports have resulted in legislative and budgetary changes, improved government services, more equitable access to funding, and increased public transparency. Michael has testified before the Legislature numerous times and has shared the findings from his team’s work with community organizations and government officials across the State. As a Certified Public Accountant and long-time senior leader in the State Auditor’s Office, Michael is highly respected as an expert in California state and local finances. For many years he has served as a leader on one of the largest financial audits in the world by annually evaluating tens of billions of dollars in federal and state funding. This critical work ensures California can continue to receive billions in federal funds that ultimately flow to local communities for services like health care, school nutrition, and after school programs.