Michelle Yanok CGFM

Accounting Manager, Bureau of the Fiscal Service - ARC

Michelle L. Yanok, CGFM, is a branch manager for the Administrative Resource Center of Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service in Parkersburg, WV, where she has served for 19 years in various roles. In her current position, she oversees grant, loan and foreign transactions for franchising customers. After joining AGA in 2005 as an at-large member, she chartered AGA’s Mid-Ohio Valley Chapter in 2008. The chapter continues to enjoy one of the highest growth rates in AGA, mainly through active engagement within their community through service projects and educational programming. A current member of AGA’s National Council of Chapters, she served on AGA’s National Governing Board in 2019-2021. Michelle received the Einhorn-Gary Award for championing continuous learning, professional development, and networking through AGA. She is a 1993 graduate of Marietta College in Ohio.