Nicholas Dimos

Assistant Director, Finance and Facilities Division, FBI

Nicholas Dimos is the assistant director of the Finance and Facilities Division (FFD) at FBI Headquarters in Washington. He is responsible for overseeing the FBI’s finances, facilities, and logistics functions and serves as the chief financial officer and head of contracting activity. Nick joined the FBI in 2006 as a budget analyst in the Budget Section of what was then the Finance Division, supporting budget formulation efforts across several FBI programs. In 2012, he spent time on the procurement side of the house, leading the establishment of a new unit focused on some of the FBI’s most complex contracts. The next year, Nick moved to the development team of the Unified Financial Management System, which designed and implemented the FBI’s new financial system. He was named national intelligence financial manager in 2014, where he spent his time coordinating with the ODNI and congressional intelligence committees on the FBI’s intelligence budget needs. Nick took on the assistant section chief role in the Budget Section, overseeing budget management across all FBI funding sources in 2016. Nick was named deputy assistant director and deputy chief financial officer in 2017, responsible for the FBI’s budget, procurement, accounting, and audit functions. As deputy, he led several initiatives to modernize financial services and led the transition of the D.C.-based procurement and budget operations to the Huntsville campus.