Paul Lionikis

Director of Outreach, Sikich

Paul Lionikis is the Strategic Agency Relations Director at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston for the U.S. Treasury’s Invoice Processing Platform (IPP). IPP is a centralized e-invoicing service that allows federal agencies to exchange electronic purchase orders, invoices, and payment information with their suppliers. In this role, Mr. Lionikis collaborates with a wide range of people and agencies across the government to assist them in evaluating and understanding how IPP will reduce costs and streamline operations.

In 2003, Mr. Lionikis assumed the role of Capture Manager at a Bank One and U.S. Bank joint venture, which processed $750 billion in federal tax payments annually. Following the merger of Bank One and JP Morgan in 2004, Mr. Lionikis served as the JP Morgan Treasury Services Relationship Manager for the Department of Defense.

Prior to JP Morgan, Mr. Lionikis worked in the banking, securities, and pharmaceutical software industries. His experience began in 1980 as a technical consultant, developing banking software for wire transfer and foreign exchange.

Over the next 23 years, Mr. Lionikis held a series of progressively more senior technical, consulting, management, and sales roles in the e-commerce and software business sectors.

Mr. Lionikis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with minors in Finance and Mathematics from the Illinois Institute of Technology.