Paula Beck

Branding Consultant, Dahlia + Agency

Paula Beck is a visual designer and professional organizer. Her company, Paula Beck Organizing, helps businesses and individuals become happier, more productive, and more profitable in their space. For some clients, that means reimagining and reconfiguring their surroundings to better serve their needs at home or in the workplace. For others, it requires pruning excess from a professional brand to clarify purpose. Paula weaves together a career in marketing and branding with experience in organizing and design to ensure that the space and the stuff which surrounds you supports your goals. Her work spans Fortune 500 corporation, destination marketing association, and National Park environments. As a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing, Paula has served in leadership roles at the local level to elevate standards of service within the industry. She has degrees in Interactive Visual Design and Multimedia as well as German Foreign Language and Literature. She lives in Northern Virginia and loves getting her hiking boots dusty on trails around the world.