Pavan Pidugu

Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Transportation at FMCSA

Pavan is a visionary and goal-oriented leader who transitioned from the Retail industry to the public sector to radically transform an underserved sector, serving as the Chief Technology Officer at FMCSA, an agency in the U.S. Department of Transportation. Since joining the agency two years ago, Pavan has pioneered a digital transformation supporting Motor Carrier Safety. He has brought the omnichannel vision to fruition by adopting platform and hardware independence to the digital toolkit FMCSA provides to 12,000+ federal and state enforcement authorities; hundreds of thousands of motor carriers and millions of Commercial vehicle drivers.

Pavan believes in developing technology that users will be absolutely obsessed with. Having worked in retail and international markets, he is quite used to delivering innovative technology at a rapid pace to meet ever-changing business needs and customer expectations. He believes technology not only empowers business needs, but also amplifies business impact when coupled with simplified user experience. He says, "My vision for the Office of Chief Technology Officer at FMCSA is to build trust & credibility with partners by delivering innovative technology that adds business value to the agency in a speed to market fashion”.

Pavan, as a transformational leader that believes technology alone will not solve anything, but instituting People and Processes with Technology does its wonders, and he is an expert in integrating all three facets of digital transformation. Pavan is constantly looking out to add technology-driven business value and growing the next generation of leaders in the process. Pavan also enjoys teaching and is a keynote speaker in multiple conferences and universities and a distinguished speaker at many educational institutions.