Rebecca Lady

Managing Director, Deloitte

Rebecca is a Managing Director at Deloitte & Touche. Rebecca spends her time in the Government & Public Sector Practice and serves as the Lead Business Partner for the FDA Account and the Cyber & Strategic Risk Market Offering leader for the Health Sector. Rebecca has over 25 years of experience specializing in federal grants management; audit, oversight and monitoring; risk management; internal control performance management; and financial management. Rebecca focuses on integrating people, process, technology and governance to successfully drive innovation. Her passion is empowering people and she has found in delivering projects that innovation is most successful when people are brought along on the journey so that new systems and technologies are paired with empowered people who are the real key to driving innovation. Most recently, like others, Rebecca has been serving her Federal clients and collaborating with her Deloitte teams in a hybrid environment – from her home office, Deloitte’s office, and client site. Rebecca is fascinated by human performance and our ability to adapt and be resilient. In our matrixed lives, both professional and personally, Rebecca is energized by identifying impactful techniques and habits to optimize time. Rebecca and her family live in Alexandria, VA.