Robert Bixler CGFM

Deputy Director, Office of Financial Systems, USCG

Commander (CDR) Robert A. Bixler II serves as Deputy Director, Office of Financial Systems, for the Assistant Commandant of Resources and Chief Financial Officer (CG-8), in Washington, D.C. CDR Bixler is responsible for developing strategies and solutions to implement enterprise-wide technologies that support $13.9B in budget execution, 16,300 end-users, and CFO Act audit mandates. He coordinates financial system requirements, configurations, and interface developments of major IT systems, including the Financial Systems Modernization Solution, the Financial Management & Procurement Data Repository, and the OneStream software solution. Prior to reporting to Coast Guard Headquarters, CDR Bixler served as Special Assistant to the DHS Budget Director in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Washington, D.C. CDR Bixler was responsible for the budget formulation, justification, and oversight of the President’s Budgets for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA). He defended to Congress more than $62 billion in component budget requests and ensured adequate funding reached nearly 120,000 frontline and mission support personnel. He also served as the lead DHS CFO representative on the White House’s Migrant Crisis Action Team, the Secretary’s Facilities Action Team, and other working groups critical to securing the Nation’s borders.