Ms. Sahra Torres-Rivera CGFM,CPA

Deputy CFO, FDA

Sahra I. Torres-Rivera has over 26 years of professional experience and is a CPA and CGFM. Sahra is the Food and Drug Administration Deputy CFO and Director of the OFM. In these roles, Sahra has executive oversight of FDA’s financial reporting, User Fees billing and collections, internal controls, financial systems, travel, and accounts payable and receivable operations. Sahra’s office is also responsible for developing and implementing a variety of broad financial management strategies and policies for FDA.

Prior to joining the FDA, Sahra supported the Department of Labor and Department of Justice. For the six years prior to joining FDA, Sahra supported the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) in Department of Labor (DOL). As the Director of the Division of Central Accounting Operations, she was responsible for the Department’s financial operations. Sahra's leadership was crucial in stabilizing DOL’s accounting operations throughout the first ever implementation of a cabinet-level department onto a commercial Shared Service Provider solution. As the Associate Deputy CFO, Sahra successfully lead DOL’s Office of Financial Systems in its mission to develop, maintain, and operate the Department's core financial management system. Her leadership ensured the delivery of reliable, consistent, and timely financial information for DOL’s management and OCFO’s stakeholders.

Sahra’s accounting background includes leading the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs (DOJ/OJP) Accounting Reports Branch along with experience gained through consulting services. At DOJ/OJP she led process changes which simplified and streamlined the production of financial statements. While working as a consultant, Sahra led engagements which delivered services to prepare financial statements, create policies and procedures, reengineer business process, and provide internal controls and external audit support.

Sahra is a graduate of the Office of Personnel Management’s Federal Executive Institute, Leadership for a Democratic Society Program, and holds a Bachelors in Business Administration in Accounting and a Juris Doctor.

Sahra was the catalyst for introducing Process Robotics at the FDA OCFO and oversaw the implementation.


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