Sakura (Shay)_Younger

Sakura (Shay) Younger

Manager of Management Services Section, County of San Bernardino

Sakura (Shay) Younger is a Manager with the County of San Bernardino in the Auditor-Controller Treasurer Tax Collector’s Office, Controller Division. My current responsibilities include managing the production and reporting annually of the Countywide Cost Allocation Plan (COWCAP), Financial Transactions Report (FTR), and Government California Compensation Report (GCC). My section is also responsible for the disaster coordination and reporting for the entire County, and submitting SB 90, PC4750, and judicial fine claims to the State monthly. In my current position, I manage a professional staff of twelve and have managed up to twenty-two staff across four division in my prior position as Supervising Accountant III with the San Bernadino County Department of Public Works. I have a Master’s in Business Administration and Health Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. I have been a member of the AGA for over ten years in many roles including president, NCC Leader, secretary, and community service representative. However, my most important role with AGA has been being the hospitality chair, in charge of food, drinks and deserts for the monthly meetings. I have four amazing children and some of my favorite hobbies include reading, watching Channel ID, and trying to work out!