Stephen Street J.D.,CIG

Louisiana Inspector General, LA State Inspector General

Stephen Street has served as Louisiana’s Inspector General since 2008, and was recently elected to a fourth term as President of the National Association of Inspectors General (AIG), an organization comprised of over 2,000 members from the Inspector General, Law Enforcement and Oversight communities of the United States, U.S. territories, and several foreign countries. The mission of the Louisiana Inspector General is to investigate white collar criminal and public corruption cases, and to root out and prevent fraud and corruption in government. Since becoming Louisiana’s Inspector General, Mr. Street has overseen the transformation of the office from an internal audit shop into a fully functioning statutorily empowered law enforcement agency. Experience has demonstrated that the most effective way to ensure integrity in government is to hold those who violate the public trust criminally accountable whenever the evidence warrants. In addition, other desired outcomes, such as improved internal controls and safeguards designed to better prevent and detect criminal fraud and corruption, are often achieved more quickly and with greater public support in the wake of successful criminal prosecutions. The Louisiana OIG therefore focuses primarily on fraud and public corruption investigations, with results that speak for themselves. Since transitioning to law enforcement, the Inspector General has experienced great success, working numerous criminal cases, both independently and with law enforcement partners. (Case highlights available at (