Steven Bernstein

Exec. Dir., Electronic Payments Product Exec., J.P. Morgan Treasury Services

Steve Bernstein, Executive Director at J.P. Morgan, has been with the Bank since 1984. Steve leads the Payables and Receivables Product North America Product Market Manager solutions team in the Corporate Investment Bank at J.P. Morgan. Steve supports the firm’s strategic U.S. and global payment initiatives, and is accountable for client engagement, product development, planning and execution, along with liaising with other Treasury Services Product and Sales personnel to craft solutions for J.P. Morgan clients. With over 36 years of banking experience, Steve has subject matter expertise on ACH, Real time Payments, Funds Transfer, FXACH, Global ACH, and various Disbursement and Receivable product sets. Steve is a graduate of Cornell University (B.A. 1979, MFA '81) and resides in New York City.