Tammie Brown CPA

Director Single Audit Division, Dept of HHS OIG

Tammie S. Brown, CPA, is the Director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General, Office of Audit Services, Single Audit Division (SADiv). She also serves as the single audit coordinator for the Department of Health and Human Services. Her responsibilities include overseeing the quality control review and peer review activities related to single audits of nonfederal entities. The SADiv staff performs and participates in multiple desk reviews, QCRs and statewide peer reviews of single audits annually. Ms. Brown has served on various Office of Management and Budget taskforces focused on improving and enhancing the single audit process. She received a joint PCIE/ECIE award in recognition for her contributions in assisting the PCIE National Single Audit project management team. She has received various CIGIE awards for her contributions to the Single Audit Process. She is also a past recipient of the David Walker Excellence in Accountability award. Ms. Brown graduated from Missouri Western University with a BSBA in accounting and from Northwest Missouri State University with an M.B.A.