Mr. Tim Fleming PMP

Program Manager - PPBE OneNumber, DHS

Tim has over 40 years of experience in Information Technology in both the private and public sectors. He currently works in the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer. For the last 15 years Tim has worked on several modernization and data initiatives. The first 4 years as a contractor and the last 11 as a federal civilian employee. Tim is the Program Manager for the PPBE OneNumber Implementation. Prior to this, he served as the Program Manager for the DHS-wide Data Accountability and Transformation Act (DATA Act) implementation. Tim was a member of the DHS Management Cube implementation team as well prior to that. Before coming to DHS, Tim worked 3 years for Northrup Grumman IT as the Software Assistant Project Manager (APM) on a large IRS modernization project. Tim is a Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Manager and a DHS/FAI certified Program Manager and Contracting Officer Representative. Tim studied computer programming at Computer Learning Center to start his IT career.